Organisational Science

Qlearsite is a people analytics solution, that combines the latest advances in machine intelligence technology with intuitive user design and data visualisation.

Intelligent Connections – Unlocking your data.

Intelligent connection – the ability to quickly gather, clean and organise data from any system, in any format.

Creates a complete history of your organisation. Includes the following key features:

  • Connects any and all data.
  • Removes errors automatically.
  • Provides ‘out the box’ analytics and visualisation.
  • Setup in four weeks (or less).

Intelligent Prediction – Seeing the future.

Intelligent prediction – the ability to optimise any people metric for the future, using a set of advanced predictive models.

Finds the biggest value opportunities to improve your organisation and KPIs. Includes the following key features:

  • Creates many predictive models.
  • And then selects the best one.
  • Finds the big future opportunities.
  • And then values / prioritises them.
  • Works manually with your hypotheses.
  • Or fully automates predictive analysis.

Intelligent Dialogue – Talking to people.

Intelligent dialogue – the ability to build complex surveys and analyse the results using intelligent language processing.

Enables complex analysis of free text and better communication. Includes the following key features:

  • Finds the right people to survey.
  • Predefined surveys and appropriate questions.
  • Understands and interprets the meaning of words.
  • Groups people who share views.